Say hello to the newest member of our spudger lineup. The Carbon Fiber Spudger is made from Fixite, our own custom blend of carbon and glass fibers in nylon. It’s twice as strong as our standard Spudger, with the same form factor you know and love.

In a bend test, the Carbon Fiber Spudger required twice as much force for a 2 cm deflection than our standard Spudger. It won’t jump as much when you finally get that ribbon cable up or a clip popped out, and you can exert greater force on delicate parts with lesser effort. Fixite also better holds its sharp edges against scraping and poking over time, so its precision is built to last.


While the Fixite Carbon Fiber Spudger has a high temperature resistance, it is not heat-resistant enough to be used for manipulating melted solder. We recommend our standard glass-filled nylon Spudger for that job.